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Adaptive Technology Resource Centre

Network Lead:
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre (ATRC)

Affiliation: University of Toronto
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Photograph of Robarts libary, where the ATRC is located - the towering concrete and glass walls are lit with multi-coloured lights
ATRC, Robarts Library

The Adaptive Technology Resource Centre (ATRC), of the University of Toronto is an internationally recognized centre of expertise on barrier-free access to education technology and culture. The ATRC promotes access to education for people with disabilities through leading-edge research, development, education and direct service to clients of all ages. ATRC’s staff include leaders in the field of multi-modal display, alternative control and access to network delivered education. Located at Canada’s leading research University, the ATRC draws from innovative initiatives across the institution. Members of the ATRC lead work in accessibility in a number of international standards and specifications bodies including the W3C, IMS, Dublin Core and IEEE.

Maple leaf Culturall 2.0 Projects:  Toolkit for Accessible Web 2.0, The Flexible User Interface (FLUID) for Inclusive Culture Project, Accessible Mobile Web 2.0,Accessible Frameworks for Determining Credibility and Trustworthiness , Implementation and Evaluation

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 Open Source Accessibility Forum
 You are invited to the second Open Source Accessibility Forum to take place in Toronto in conjunction with Open Source Week. The dates for the Open Source Accessibility Forum will be October 28th and 29th.  Logistics for the meetings are at: