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International Open Forum
The  International Open Forum, entitled Supporting Human Diversity Through Inclusive Design, was organized in Toronto on September 13th and 14th 2007.Over 150 delegates from more than 22 countries attended the 2-day International Forum. Delegates had an opportunity to engage with a roster of speakers representing the government, academic, corporate, and non-profit sectors and contributed their valuable insights and expertise on the challenges, best practices and innovations in the design of inclusive and  sustainable educational systems. The International conference was hosted by the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, e-Learning Standards Advisory Council of Canada, ISO/IEC JTCI/SC36 and the Standards Council of Canada.The findings from the International Forum will play a critical role in establishing a five-year international agenda for the inclusive design of elearning and will aid in creating an inclusive design curriculum, suchthat information technology systems will respect the diversity of individuals  and learners and no one is excluded from optimizing their potential through learning. More details about the conference, presentations and discussions can be found at the Open Forum website

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 Open Source Accessibility Forum
 You are invited to the second Open Source Accessibility Forum to take place in Toronto in conjunction with Open Source Week. The dates for the Open Source Accessibility Forum will be October 28th and 29th.  Logistics for the meetings are at: