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Community Bandwidth

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Community Bandwidth’s mission is to strategically advance progressive social and political positions by amplifying the work of leading-edge social-change organizations. This is the vision of founder Phillip Smith — a dedicated convener, digital craftsperson, non-profit consultant, campaign strategist, and information architect — who works tirelessly to build the technology capacity of values-based organizations. Toward these objectives, Community Bandwidth currently offers a small selection of handcrafted offerings to support:
  • non-profit and social-mission organizations
  • online advocacy and grassroots campaigns
  • independent publications and progressive media

Address: 215 Spadina Ave.,Toronto, ON M5T 2C7

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Latest News

 Open Source Accessibility Forum
 You are invited to the second Open Source Accessibility Forum to take place in Toronto in conjunction with Open Source Week. The dates for the Open Source Accessibility Forum will be October 28th and 29th.  Logistics for the meetings are at: